Does your child struggle with the following:


Easily distracted and can't stay focused


Repeatedly making careless mistakes


Difficulty following instructions


Often forget what they've learned or heard


Cannot multi-task


Feels lost after switching learning topics


Finds challenge in filtering thoughts to come to a stand-point on decision

We understand that these struggles are common among students. As experienced educators for over 15 years, we've identified the key issues affecting your child's learning.

But here's the exciting news: We have the SOLUTION!

Introducing our revolutionary Brain Train Programme that will empower your child to:

Enhance focus and concentration skills

Boost memory and retention abilities

Develop exceptional spatial awareness

Adapt quickly to new learning environments

Become confident decision-makers

NeuroKokoro Brain Train Programme empowers every child using A.I. technology gamified cocoon type of learning with fun capability and encouraging methods. Paired together with a Senzeband, the one of its kind in Singapore, to collect real-time brainwaves (gamma, beta, alpha, theta, and delta) using profiled EEG technology innovated, R&D by NeeuroSG backed by A*STAR of Singapore.  

NeuroKokoro Brain Train provides result proven neuro games to efficiently level up and balance all cognitive skillsets that empower children with a smoother and successful educational journey. Now, that’s NeuroKokoro‘s objective! 

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Frequently-Asked Questions

The Brain Train Programme from Neurokokoro is specifically designed to enhance a child’s cognitive development through the use of AI technology, using profiled EEG technology innovated by Neeuro SG, backed by A*star of Singapore. 

Results can vary among different children, but generally, our students have demonstrated increased sharpness, improved focus, and enhanced memory and retention. 

Based on our past case studies, students typically begin to exhibit positive results after just three sessions. 

No, the Brain Train Programme enhances a child’s overall cognitive development, including memory, attention, spatial ability, decision-making and flexibility. These improvements extend to daily tasks, not limited to Math alone. 

Children as young as 4 years old can join the Brain Train Programme. 

The sessions are held at our physical centre, Math Nuggets, located at Block 620 Hougang Ave 8, #01-274, Singapore 530620. Professional trainers provide each child with a tablet and a SenzeBand. Each child has their own individual online profile to track their progress. Learning takes place through engaging games and interactive activities. 

The SenzeBand provided is completely safe and not harmful in any way. 

The Brain Train Programme consists of a total of 4 Modules, with each module comprising 12 sessions. 

Each class accommodates a maximum of 6-7 students. 

Each session is 1 hour long.