For Primary 6 students 

PSLE Mid Year Intensive Bootcamp 2023
(Zoom - available)
(F2F - FULL)

Introducing our Holiday Bootcamp for students - the ultimate solution to help your child excel in PSLE Math! Our program is specially curated to provide your child with all the essential revision they need this holiday. With our help, your child will master problem sum techniques to score well in Paper 2.

Our Bootcamp offers your child additional practice and exposure, ensuring they are fully prepared for the PSLE Math paper. Don't let your child fall behind - enroll them in our Holiday Bootcamp and give them the extra support they need to succeed!
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Important Note:

Face to Face - Registration Closed
Zoom - Seats are available!

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Dear Parents with children in Primary 6

With the monumental PSLE coming up in a few months, many parents and students are taking this time to bridge learning gaps and revise. 

With notoriously tricky math questions being headlined every year, are you looking to prepare your child for this year's PSLE Math? Well, if you are looking for a quick, relatively simple and value-for-money way to do so, I have good news for you. 

Zoom only (F2F - FULL)

  • 3 sessions
  • 10 am to 1 pm
  • 13th June 2023 (Tues)
  • 14th June 2023 (Wed)
  • 15th June 2023 (Thurs)




External Changed
Units & Parts
Quantity vs Value
Working Backwards
Percentages of Different Bases
LCM Method
Average of Unknown Quantities
Gaps & Differences (Advanced)

Your child will learn:

 How to break down questions to Identify Key Concepts 

 How to apply Relevant Methods to solve the questions

 Solve Higher Order Thinking Questions

 Skillsets, Analytical Skills and Thinking Processes 
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What Parents say

Diya looks forward to her Math lessons each week, never a complaint. Excited in fact. Thanks to the Math Whisperer, Teacher Sandra!

- Prisita, Diya's Mum
You have been a life saver! It's the same with Divyaa. She has always been looking forward to her Math classes with you for the pass 2.4 years Teacher Sandra. It used to be her dreaded subject before being in your class. Math has been her favourite subject for the past 2 years!! Thanks for your support,
Teacher Sandra. 🌹💪💪
- Janice, Divyaa's Mum

Enrol now if you want to see your child

Achieve a breakthrough in his/her Math Problem Solving skills

Feel confident in tackling Problem Sums

Bridge learning gaps this June Holidays

Have fun learning Math and enjoy the subject

Usual Price SGD $298

Introductory Offer 

  SGD $198  

$100 off if you sign up for this course today.

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