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Giving and sharing from the heart.

We have come a long way these 2 years during the pandemic since the initial set up of our YouTube Channel.

Blessed to have the opportunity to value-add to our existing students and parents and also to share our knowledge with others.

Thank you for the trust and support.

From customized small group face to face coaching to online courses to free teaching videos, there is so much more Math Nuggets can offer. Ever so often, we get thank you messages from parents who chanced upon our content and appreciates them.

This drives us everyday to work hard to give more! Watch the video above to know more about how it all started. 
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Is your child:

Disappointed that he/she keeps getting low scores for Math Paper 
Keen to improve but doesn’t know how
Hardworking but can’t figure out what’s wrong
Slowly losing interest in the subject?

What We Offer

Online Coaching via Zoom. Save on travelling time and learn from the comforts of your own home.

 Small Group Face to Face Classes.
Customized coaching.

Online Courses.
Learn at your own pace by watching our recorded lessons.

How can we help?

Throughout the years of my tutoring career,
I hear that parents face the same problem.
“I don’t know how to help my child in Math anymore!”
Are you wondering why is it that after your child has completed so many assessment books and past year exam papers, he/she is still not improving?

Is your child getting frustrated and hate Math?

What our Students say

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"Math Nuggets really helped by daughter regain confidence in Math again. She was close to failing in Primary 4 as she could not catch up in school. She was getting frustrated and lost all interest in the subject. 

I am very thankful I found Math Nuggets. Kelly was guided with much patience and she always looked forward to her lessons. She is now scoring around 75% and more importantly, Math is now her favourite subject!"

Mrs Tay

Our Former Students and their Mums

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Ready to see your child regain confidence in Math?

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