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Math Resources and Websites for Singaporean Students


In Singapore, mathematics education is highly regarded for its rigorous curriculum and focus on problem-solving skills. To excel in this subject, students need access to reliable and comprehensive resources that align with the local curriculum and support their learning needs. In this article, we have curated a list of recommended math resources, websites, and online tools specifically tailored to assist Singaporean students in their mathematical journey. From interactive platforms to practice resources, these tools offer valuable support to enhance students’ understanding and proficiency in mathematics. 

Matholia (

Matholia is an interactive and engaging online platform designed to complement the Singapore math curriculum. It offers a wide range of math activities, video lessons, and practice questions for students from primary to secondary levels. The platform features animated lessons and quizzes, making learning enjoyable and effective. Matholia also provides detailed progress reports, allowing students and parents to track their performance and improvement over time. 

Singapore Math Guru (

Singapore Math Guru is a popular resource among Singaporean students, offering an extensive collection of math questions categorized by topics and levels. The website provides detailed step-by-step solutions to each question, allowing students to understand the reasoning behind each solution. With thousands of practice questions, Singapore Math Guru helps students build confidence in tackling a variety of math problems. 

Thinking Blocks (

Thinking Blocks is an interactive tool that focuses on helping students master problem-solving skills, which are integral to Singapore math education. The website features visual models and word problems, guiding students through the process of understanding and solving complex math questions. Thinking Blocks reinforces critical thinking and boosts problem-solving abilities, enabling students to approach challenging questions with ease. 

XueLeMath (

XueLeMath is an e-learning platform supported by the Ministry of Education, Singapore. It offers interactive lessons, quizzes, and practice exercises aligned with the Singapore math syllabus. The platform covers topics from primary to secondary levels and includes engaging games to reinforce learning. XueLeMath aims to enhance students’ mathematical understanding and foster a love for the subject. 

Khan Academy (

Although not Singapore-specific, Khan Academy is a well-known global resource that offers a comprehensive library of math content suitable for various age groups and skill levels. The platform provides instructional videos, practice exercises, and personalized learning paths, allowing students to learn at their own pace. Khan Academy covers a wide range of math topics, making it a valuable resource for students seeking additional support beyond the local curriculum. 


With the abundance of math resources and websites available, Singaporean students can access valuable tools that complement the local curriculum and support their learning needs. From interactive platforms like Matholia and Singapore Math Guru to problem-solving aids like Thinking Blocks, these resources are designed to enhance students’ mathematical understanding, proficiency, and problem-solving skills. As students embark on their mathematical journey, these recommended resources offer valuable support, empowering them to excel in the subject and develop a strong foundation for lifelong learning. 

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