Online Classes

We bring real classroom experience to you with our "Live" Online Classes. Learn from the comforts of your home and save your travelling time.

Lessons are interactive and your child can ask questions during or after class. Parents can also learn together with their children!

All tutorials and worksheets will be made available for print before each lesson. Weekly homework will be emailed to us for review and marking. Lessons are recorded so if your child misses a lesson, you can just watch the lesson replays. 

As a value added service to our students to ensure their success, all students will automatically get access to our Problem Sums Mastery Programme. 
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What's included?

Comprehensive coverage

This class will cover not just the topical aspect, but also important critical thinking problem solving skills required to develop confidence for PSLE Math.

Expert coaches

Our coaches are patient and passionate PSLE Math Specialists with many years of teaching experience who look forward to guiding your child to score the marks they deserve.

Engaging and interactive

Your child will be able to ask questions during and after the class to clarify doubts.

Hands on practice 

Your child will get the chance in class to attempt questions so they get the practice they need to master the topics and concepts.

All-in-one convenient access

One stop learning portal for access to worksheets, Zoom meeting links and lesson recording. 

Automatic monthly payment

Payment will be subscription based via credit card and auto charged monthly. 
Unable to Attend Regular Class?
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If your schedule is already tight, you may find it hard to fit our regular class time into your schedule.
That’s why we conduct Live, Online Classes.
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Lesson materials will be made available for print in advance.
Real Classroom Experience
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Concept explanations.
Step-by-step solving questions.
Time for Practice Questions.
Raise hands to clear your doubts.

Our Students

How do we support and ensure your child's success?

We're all about delivering our best and providing value-added services.

Small Group Size

To ensure that each student receives sufficient attention, our class sizes are kept small. Maximum of 8 students.

24/7 Homework Help

Ask questions and receive help from our coaches via our Telegram Channel (24 hour response time).

Additional Support

You will receive complimentary access to our Problem Sums Mastery Programme (more than 600+learning videos) worth $998.

Eligible for discounts

Enjoy attractive discounts on our Holiday Bootcamps and Preparatory Courses.

What Students and Parents Say

"She says the techniques you taught her really help her with homework and exams."

"Javier uses your methods to solve questions. He is learning well. His results have been AL1-AL2."

"I like the the Zoom lessons are recorded and if I miss a lesson or need to recap, I can do so."


7pm - 9pm

Fixed $240 / month
(regardless of 4 or 5 lessons a month)
Max of 8 in a class
Suitable for students scoring 60% and above.


730pm - 9pm

Fixed $200 / month
(regardless of 4 or 5 lessons a month)
Max of 8 in a class
Suitable for students scoring 60% and above.


5pm - 630pm

Fixed $200 / month
(regardless of 4 or 5 lessons a month)
Max of 8 in a class


7pm - 830pm

Fixed $200 / month
(regardless of 4 or 5 lessons a month)
Max of 8 in a class

Frequently asked questions

What will we get when we sign up for your online classes?

  • Weekly online class via Zoom (1.5h / 2h)
  • Tutorials and worksheets made available for print online before each lesson

  • Free access to our Problem Sums Mastery Programme

  • Recorded lessons for your child to recap and revise at his/her own time
  • 24/7 Homework help via our Telegram Channel

How do I make payment for monthly fees?

  • Fees are auto-charged monthly via credit card (Subscription based)
  • Fees quoted are fixed monthly, regardless of the number of lessons for that month
  • If a lesson falls on a public holiday, a recorded lesson will be uploaded

How do I withdraw or cancel the subscription?

  • Cancellation or withdrawal can be done via the portal once you log in
  • Fees paid after the renewal date will not be refunded

What happens when we miss a lesson?

  • All sessions are recorded and available for viewing so your child will not miss out even if he/she can’t attend the “live” session
  • The recorded sessions can be re-watched for revision
  • Fees will not be prorated

What is the class size?

  • Class sizes are kept small (8 students maximum) to ensure every student gets the attention he/she needs

Can I pay the fees via other payment modes?

  • Fees are only collected online via credit card and auto charged monthly
  • This process is automated so parents and students can access the Zoom meeting links and worksheets in the portal