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Transforming AL6 into Aces

Is your child grappling with math, hovering around AL6? With the PSLE corner just around the bend, every point counts. Math Nuggets offers a lifeline for this crucial stretch. Our PSLE Last Sprint is an intensive, power-packed program designed to turbocharge your child’s math skills, ensuring they head into their exams confident and prepared.


12 Lessons, 12 Topics, Countless Aha! Moments

Our tailor-made program consists of 12 comprehensive sessions, spread over 12 weeks. Each 2-hour lesson delves into a core topic, ensuring your child masters each concept that could be on the PSLE.

What's Included? (Face To Face / Zoom)

Topics Covered

  • Whole Numbers
  • Fractions
  • Decimals
  • Percentage
  • Ratio
  • Speed
  • Rate
  • Area of Triangles
  • Circles
  • Volume
  • Data Analysis
Face to Face Sessions
$ 960
Usual Price: $1120
Early Bird Promo: $960 only
Fridays 7pm – 9pm
12 sessions
28th June 2024 to 20th Sept 2024
Zoom Sessions
$ 720
Usual Price: $800
Early Bird Promo: $720 only
Saturdays 9am - 11am
12 sessions
29th June 2024 to 14th Sept 2024

Class Schedules for 2024

Date Topic Covered
28th Jun Whole Numbers, Fractions, Decimals, Average
5th Jul
12th Jul
19th Jul Measurement: Area & Perimeter, Volume, Circles
26th Jul
2nd Aug
16th Aug Statistics: Pie Charts, Table, Bar and Line Graphs
23rd Aug Geometry: Angles, Symmetry, Nets
30th Aug Ratio and Percentage
6th Sep
13th Sep Rate and Speed
20th Sep Algebra
Date Topic Covered
29th Jun Whole Numbers, Fractions, Decimals, Average
6th Jul
13th Jul
20th Jul Measurement: Area & Perimeter, Volume, Circles
27th Jul
3rd Aug
10th Aug Statistics: Pie Charts, Table, Bar and Line Graphs
17th Aug Geometry: Angles, Symmetry, Nets
24th Aug Ratio and Percentage
31st Aug
7th Sep Rate and Speed
14th Sep Algebra

Learn From the Best

Our seasoned educators, each with over a decade of experience and a knack for PSLE trends, are more than teachers—they’re PSLE math specialists. Their expertise is matched only by their passion for turning math learners into math lovers, one decimal and fraction at a time.


Interactive and Intensive

We believe learning thrives on interaction. That’s why our sessions are designed to be as engaging as they are educational. Students are encouraged to dive in hands-on, ask questions, and even propose alternative solutions. It’s not just about finding the right answer; it’s about discovering the joy of problem-solving.


Flexible Learning Options

Whether your child thrives in the vibrant energy of our face-to-face classes or prefers the convenience of our Zoom sessions, we cater to all learning preferences.

Ready to Boost Your Child’s Math Scores?

Don’t let math be the hurdle that holds your child back. Join us in the PSLE Last Sprint and watch them leap towards success.

Why Choose Math Nuggets' PSLE Last Sprint?

  • Focused Revision: Each session is a deep dive into a specific topic, ensuring comprehensive coverage and mastery.
  • Experienced Educators: Learn from PSLE math specialists with a proven track record.
  • Interactive Learning: Our hands-on approach encourages active participation and fosters a deeper understanding.
  • Flexible Formats: Choose between the immersive experience of in-person classes or the convenience of online learning.