How to Transform Your Child's Math Struggles into Shining Successes

PSLE Maths Tuition in Singapore

Are you seeking an exceptional PSLE Maths tutor for your primary school kids? Are you worried that your child can’t keep up with the other advanced Math students in their class?

Your search ends here!

At Math Nuggets, we understand the importance of laying a strong foundation in mathematics from an early age before advancing to the secondary school level.

That’s why we have meticulously designed our Math tuition classes to equip your child with the essential math skills, confidence and strategies needed to excel in their PSLE Math examination.

What’s more, our tutors employ innovative teaching methods to nurture students’ problem-solving and critical-thinking skills so that they can become independent learners!

Ready to see the progress leap in your child?

Why Students Struggle with the PSLE Maths Syllabus


Abstract Concepts

Math involves abstract thinking, which can be challenging for students who are more accustomed to concrete learning experiences. This disconnect can lead to frustration and self-doubt as they struggle to see the relevance or understand the principles at play.


Maths Anxiety

Anxiety around Math creates a fear of making mistakes, leading to a vicious cycle where fear of failure inhibits learning and participation. This anxiety can create a mental block, where students doubt their capabilities and may avoid engaging with Math altogether.


Teaching Methods

One size does not fit all, especially in learning. Traditional teaching approaches can leave many students feeling lost, disconnected, and disengaged. Thus, they might struggle to grasp concepts that they could otherwise understand through a different approach.

Why Math Nuggets is Your Child's Gateway to Maths Confidence and Excellence

primary school maths tuition classes

1) Math tutors with 30+ years of combined teaching experience

At Math Nuggets, our team of education specialists boasts over 30 years of combined teaching experience, specialising in guiding students who are failing to achieving scores around 65%.

We understand intimately what makes maths daunting for students and have mastered the techniques to make it accessible and less intimidating.

Our Math tuition programme goes beyond just teaching maths; we’re here to build a positive relationship with your child, boost their self-esteem, and foster a genuine understanding and love for maths.

Furthermore, our track record speaks for itself. We have successfully guided countless primary school students to excel in their PSLE Math exams with confidence and skill.

2) Making Math fun with digestible bite-sized modules

At our Math tuition centre, we understand that learning a subject that you don’t like or have no confidence in is double the struggle.

Thus, we’ve made sure that our Math lessons are fun and engaging through digestible, bite-sized modules. We believe that through perseverance, patience, and the right guidance, every student has the potential to excel and even develop a passion for Maths!

Our sessions last 1 hour and 45 minutes, allowing time for detailed explanations, deep understanding, and ample practice. This no-rush approach ensures that students master fundamental skills confidently before advancing to more complex concepts.

Ultimately, our bite-sized, step-by-step mastery is at the heart of our success in building students’ confidence and love for maths.

3) Small class sizes of 4-5 students for personalised attentiveness

Personalised attention is key to effective learning, which is why we limit our small group coaching sessions to a 4-5 student-per-tutor ratio.

This setup ensures that every student receives the focused attention they deserve, allowing our PSLE Math tutors to customise learning plans and materials that meet each individual’s unique needs.

We employ a dynamic and rotational teaching approach, keeping every student engaged in their work while our experienced tutors provide close guidance and support.

This method fosters a conducive learning environment where every moment is an opportunity for growth without anyone left waiting for spoon-fed answers.

Hear what our students and their parents have to say!

Math Nuggets
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08:15 07 Oct 23
Mathnugget is very accommodating with both my sons. Sandra and her staff are very patient. Their small group teaching definitely will provide more focus teaching with each students compared to big groups teaching we have signed up before.
Joel GwynneJoel Gwynne
06:26 05 Oct 23
Teacher Sandra went the extra mile to help my son during the run up to PSLE, and even gave several free lessons at the final hurdle. Would recommend her to any parent as the group fees are very reasonable too.
Karen TanKaren Tan
10:43 04 Oct 23
Would like to sincerely thank Tr Ashley for her dedication and patience towards my girl. They identified my girl’s weaknesses and worked on it wholeheartedly 😘 Also, love the teacher and student ratio here! 👍🏼
Karen TanKaren Tan
10:43 04 Oct 23
Would like to sincerely thank Tr Ashley for her dedication and patience towards my girl. They identified my girl’s weaknesses and worked on it wholeheartedly 😘 Also, love the teacher and student ratio here! 👍🏼
Chris TanChris Tan
10:59 02 Oct 23
Highly recommended if you are looking for small group math tuition. Kudos to Team Math Nuggets for your dedication in nurturing my boy who always find Math a challenge.
Chris TanChris Tan
10:59 02 Oct 23
Highly recommended if you are looking for small group math tuition. Kudos to Team Math Nuggets for your dedication in nurturing my boy who always find Math a challenge.
yufen zuoyufen zuo
03:15 02 Oct 23
yufen zuoyufen zuo
03:15 02 Oct 23
14:31 30 Sep 23
Highly recommend Teacher Sandra. My daughter (zhiyao) had been with Teacher Sandra since P5. She used to be very inpatient when she did not know how to do the maths questions and give up doing. Teacher Sandra had managed to built up her confidence in maths and will target on those topics that she is weaker. Real thanks to Teacher Sandra for the extra lessons given to my daughter before psle. really help alot.
Harold GohHarold Goh
09:59 30 Sep 23
My daughter joined Math Nuggets for a trial lesson last July. She was comfortable with Teacher Sandra and thus enrolled for the classes regularly.Teacher Sandra was patient and guided her to close her learning gaps quite quickly. I can see my daughter gaining confidence in the subject at the weighted assessment prep this year. She used to dread Math prior but this year she was practicing consistently and felt her own confidence grow. What was once her worst subject has now become her second best subject in her prelims exams.Thank you Teacher Sandra and Math Nuggets for the patient delivery and guiding of my daughter throughout the 1.5 years. Thank you for seeing her strengths and providing clear instructions and explanations for all the work. She has enjoyed the pacing of the lessons and the small group size helped to keep the pace not too dreary and fostered a camaderie that they can all achieve well together!
Alan AgnesAlan Agnes
08:53 30 Sep 23
Math is not my girl’s forte. However she always looks forward to Tr Sandra’s class. She shared that Tr Sandra makes Math easier to digest & she is able to remember her methods well thus applying it during exams. Tr Sandra always renders help whenever possible. She gives constructive feedback & encouragement even to struggling mums like me! Thank you Math Nuggets!
Sally KangSally Kang
04:30 22 Jun 23
Teacher Sandra is very dedicated and cares for the kids. My daughter has made a lot of improvement and is coping well in her maths. She doesn't mind putting in extra time just so the children can do better. I really appreciate her guidance for my daughter, she truly cares for her students✨️
Geraldine ChiaGeraldine Chia
18:12 08 Nov 22
I would highly recommend Math Nuggets! I have been following their YouTube teaching channel for awhile and can't wait for an available vacancy for my son. When my son finally commenced his lessons with Teacher Sandra, I knew he is at the right place. The small class size allows Teacher Sandra to address individual student's weaknesses and reinforce concepts and good habits through more practice. She also helped to build confidence and my son is no longer fearful of word problems! Thank you Teacher Sandra and Math Nuggets!! Truly a dedicated teacher that teaches from her heart and uses methodology that’s easy for my son to understand.
Kiat Joo Jael ChuaKiat Joo Jael Chua
03:47 05 Nov 22
Highly recommend Math Nuggets! The small class size allows the teacher to give enough focus to each student. Teacher Rachel was able to identify the weaknesses for my girl and tried to reinforce the concepts through more practice. She helped to build confidence and my girl is no longer fearful of Math. Thank you Teacher Rachel and Math Nuggets!!
01:45 03 Nov 22
My girl did a trial lesson mid Sept, recommend by a friend. The centre is very cozy and welcoming. My girl enjoyed the trial and requested to continue, so we waited till October availability to begin. She is lucky to meet Teacher Sandra. Her patience, engagement, simplified cum clear methods, serious but gentle way of teaching my girl, has totally change her attitude towards math subject. From reluctant to try or complete on math questions, to now able to complete the few pages of given math homework, it was a surprise for me. She can now try solving the questions before seeking for help. We can see the change right after trial lesson.We signed up weekly lesson from October as well as the math boots camp for 2 days (revision on overall P4 math), hopeful that my daughter year end result could pass. She was nearly fail during mid year exam.We would like to thank the magical Teacher Sandra for guiding her to be more confident in handling maths in such a short period. Within a few lessons, we are glad that not only she pass, she received the year end exam with improvement to 73%, from a 55% during mid year exam. We are so proud of her!You are amazing, Teacher Sandra! Well deserved reputations! Kudos to you!Look forward to more smiling faces towards her journey of PSLE next!
Ng JoycelynNg Joycelyn
16:33 02 Nov 22
My daughter , Emily ( P4) has been with teacher Sandra since March 2021 . Her results have been improved through this period from 50s to 80s ! The main reason for Emily,'s improvement was because of the way teacher Sandra has motivate , encourage her and how patient she has been with her students during the lesson .I highly recommended Math Nuggets to all parents out there because I am sure you will be surprise how your child will enjoy and look forward to each lesson 🙂Why hesitate ? Join the amazing class now !!
Ren AquinoRen Aquino
04:05 15 Feb 22
Teacher Sandra is a very patient and effective tutor. She makes sure that her students fully understand as well as enjoy each lesson. My daughter has made a lot of improvement and is coping well in her Sec 1 maths. Thank you for your guidance Teacher Sandra! Continue to share your expertise to a lot more!
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Making Math Fun, Bite-Sized, and Digestible

What Your Child Gets from Math Nuggets' Proven Teaching Methodology


Engaging lessons that are designed to captivate students' interest and foster a positive attitude towards math


Small-class advantage that ensures that each student receives enhanced attentiveness from our tutors


Extended class duration that allows for in-depth exploration of mathematical concepts, ample practice opportunities, and one-on-one attention.


Focus on students who specifically struggle with math confidence

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